sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013


Barcelona did an awful match in San Siro last Wednesday and lost 2-0 with goals scored by Boateng and Muntari. The first one was illegal cause one Italian player touched the ball with his hand. However there are no excuses. Barcelona only shooted at goal once in the whole match. The weak point this year continues to be the back line. Barcelona get at least one goal every single match. With this stadistics they cannot aspire to win champions league. I am completely sure that they will receive another goal in Camp Nou and then, the mission will be almost impossible. That is why I consider Barcelona is already knocked out.

Bayern Munich won 1-3 in Emirates Stadium. Arsene Wenger received another hard blow and supporters get increasingly upset with him. Will he continue to be the Arsenal coach next year?

This weekend we will enjoy a great match between Manchester City and Chelsea. Both teams are still fighting for winning premier league so they will do their best. I will not miss this fantastic match.

Finally, next weekend we will witness another Barcelona-Real Madrid. This match will decide what team is going to play the Copa del Rey semifinals. And the following Saturday both teams will play again in the Spanish league.

Dear football fans, get ready for the show !!!