viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013


Real Madrid won in Camp Nou (1-3) and reached the final of Spanish King Cup as well as Atletico de Madrid that drew in Seville (2-2). We will have a Madrilenean derby next May. Date is not set yet. Stadium neither. Real Madrid wants to play in Nou Camp. Atletico de Madrid in Vicente Calderón. You can do your bets. My bet is Nou Camp because Anger Maria Villar will probably want to provoke Barcelona’s supporters.

In England, Benitez made clear his intentions for the end of this season. After the FA Cup match against Middlesbrough that Chelsea won 0-2, he announced his decision of leaving Chelsea at the end of this season. Chelsea supporters sang songs against him during that match and he surprised everybody by saying: “they are wasting their time with such songs. They can be relieved because I will go away in June”. Apparently, he has not felt supported by both Abramovich and supporters and did not like being called “interin” . On March ninenth, Chelsea will visit Old Trafford to play Manchester the next stage of FA Cup. Can you imagine Chelsea winning FA Cup? What would sing Chelsea’s supporters that day? Benitez please stay here? Some Media state he will be replaced by Mourinho. Will Josep come back to Stanford Bridge?

This weekend United plays Norwich. The Reds have their mind on the following champions league match that will take place On Wednesday sixth in Old Trafford Stadium. It is theorically an easy match so they will not probably make a big effort. However, Real Madrid will play Barcelona in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. They will have to do a great effort if they want to win. Although, taking into account the Josep Mourinho statements several months ago saying that they had not any chance of winning this championship, maybe he will set a lineup full of reserves. In that case we could see another 2-6 like we did in two thousand nine. The agenda keeps being interesting and we will pay full attention to the various matches in Europe.

By the way, I do not want to finish without mentioning the great deed achieved by Swansea. This Welsh team won the Capital One Cup against Bradford in an easy match (5-0) . Michael Laudrup (his coach) states that the key is that this team has kept the same philosophy for the last six years. One of his best player, the Spanish fooballer “Michu” urges him to stay in Swansea at least one season more. This win has been the most important one in the whole club history (101 years) . This Welsh team played in the fourth division twelve years ago. Now they are just winners of this major trophy. Congratulations !!!

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