miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013


It was said by Xabi Hernandez. “this block needs a historical comeback”. Told and done. Barsa made the perfect match yesterday. Since the first until the last minute. Mascherano exerted as a leader, Jordi Alba defended, attacked and scored, Busquets was everywhere, Xabi and Iniesta played the ball like only they know to do it, Messi acted as a true gold ball player, being able to draw the match on his own before the half-time, Villa played as a “9” scoring the 3-0 and Alexis assisted Alba in the fourth goal. We saw the usual Barsa again. The Barsa that pressures, plays, and attacks. The only fright that we had was at the beginning (1-0) as Niang got completely alone in front of Valdes and shooted. Thanks God the post blocked the ball. Luck was on the Barcelona’s side yesterday. After that opportunity, Messi scored the second goal. Champions is like this. It is not enough to play good. Luck also must be on your side. It is also outstanding having a referee who does not harm you like the one Barcelona had in the previous match. The group joined forces for Tito. We do not really know whether there was a videoconference or not. What we indeed know is players gave everything for him. Lesson has just been learnt. Heat rounds last 180 minutes and you cannot relax neither the first or the second match. Barsa did that in the first one but fixed it in the second one.

Like Messi said: “many people are looking forward to seeing the Barsa’s cycle to be ended”. AS newspaper published yesterday the following front page: “COMEBACK OR END OF CYCLE” . There were many champagne bottles ready to be uncorked, but it was not possible. No elimination no end of cycle. I am very sorry. I know many people did not barely slept last night and others have even slept at all like Mourinho, Ronaldo or Karanka.

And the following Friday draw will take place. Knowing the usual luck of Real Madrid, I am going to forecast its rival. Either Oporto or Galatasaray. One of both. However, Barcelona will play Bayern and we will live an authentic spectacle by watching the two best teams worldwide. The show must go on !!!

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