jueves, 11 de abril de 2013


Malaga’s supporters went through a second “via crucis” last Tuesday. The “boqueron” team was kicked out in the most cruel way. Borussia scored twice in the last three minutes, one of them in a clear offside. Cheer up Malaga!

Real Madrid began the match by scoring in the Turkish hell thanks to a goal scored by Cristiano Ronaldo. In the second half, Real Madrid’s players got slept and in less than fifteen minutes they already lost 3-1. The usual player scored the second goal and qualified his team for semi-finals. What would have happened if Ronaldo had not played that match? The answer is easy. They would have been knocked out by a Cinderella called “Galatasaray” after having a clear 3-0 in the first match. In other words, the next week Mourinho and his Portuguese friends would have left the ship and Florentino would have lost elections through an overwhelming defeat.

As far as Barcelona is concerned, we could say that it was unrecognizable. PSG harassed the Barcelona team for the whole first half. They were able to end the first half with a comfortable 0-3 on the scoreboard. They made a wonderful football and turned Valdes into the best Barcelona’s player. In the beginning of the second half, Pastore scored, and a noisy whispering could hear at Camp Nou. The same murmur that was heard as they played Inter or Chelsea in previous semi-finals. Barcelona had the withdrawal symptom and all seemed dark. The “Messidependency” made tremble the Barcelona’s players legs and Tito did not doubt at all. “The lame person” walked into the field and his own presence made PSG go backward. “The lame player” made the qualification goal move, scored by the newly daddy Pedro thanks to a great assist of Villa. Despite it, the audience asked eagerly the end of the match since PSG continued to harass Barcelona. Barcelona had just got the fix that it needed.

The following Friday will take place the draw with the next result:

Borussia – Real Madrid
Barcelona – Bayern

All is ready for the victory of Real Madrid in this champions league.


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