jueves, 4 de abril de 2013


After watching the Barcelona’s match in Paris last Tuesday I came to a wise conclusion. UEFA want to smash Barcelona. In Milan, the referee already damaged seriously Barcelona. What happened in Paris was the straw that breaks the camel’s back. For whatever reason, there is no interest in seeing how Barcelona wins this champions league.

The only team that has not been damaged in any match this season has been Real Madrid. On the contrary, they have been favoured in Old Trafford, and were able to decide their qualifying round thanks to that possible “fixed draw” as it has been considered in some international media, that they got the easier team. Dani Alves is right as he states pressure that Mourinho exerts over referees becomes determining. This way is as “the worst coach worldwide” has won two champions, which Guardiola himself would feel ashamed of it. I do not know whether Florentino has something to do with this “fixed champions”. He really knows that winning “the tenth” this elections year would be crucial to win by a majority. Either way, I have already decided not to watch more football matches of a adulterated competition. It does not matter who will play semi-finals. It does not matter who will play the final either. The winner is already chosen. Real Madrid will win this champions league in May in the same way it has won the former nine ones. That is, through referee help. The most sad thing is Real Madrid’s supporters are happy by watching their team winning this way. As I am a  great gentleman, I congratulate them in advance today. Congratulations champions!!!!

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