jueves, 2 de mayo de 2013


The end of semifinals resulted in a fair German victory, just as everybody expected. Bayern hammered Barcelona (0-3) in a match that Messi did not play and the ones who did, were quite fried. The overall score was 7-0 for German players. This thing, at least gives rise to a deep reflection. As Pique said, what just happened obliges to make any decisions.  

Real Madrid clung to its history through the sentence “it is possible” to get back in the hard (4-2) score that they brought from Dortmund last week. They had chance to score especially in the first fifteen minutes. They did not play football the rest of the match. Borussia had the control of the game and was able of even hammering them. Benzema scored the first goal in the 82th  minute and Sergio Ramos scored in the 88th . However, they would never score the third one. We could watch real “merengues” like Sergio Ramos crying at the end of the match while on the other hand, Brazilian, Portuguese, German or Argentinian players do not look sad at all. Borussia was fair winner.

The third Mourinho’s failure in Real Madrid has just perpetrated. In his third season he will only get the King’s cup. According to several formers referees who comment on the media, the English referee who addressed the match did not make any mistake. It does not matter, Mourinho complained about his refereeing. Once more, he took care of talking about himself in the press conference, played the victim role (he said Spanish Media hates him) , left out doing self-criticism, and took a look at Chelsea so that they hire him as soon as possble. Pathetic.

One more time Real Madrid has had a comfortable ride toward champions league final. In the first place they were helped in Old Trafford through that unfair sending off that took place just when Manchester won 1-0. Secondly, they were lucky in the draw (thanks to the vibrator ball) and got the weak Turkish Galatasaray. Finally, they were lucky again and got the easier team in semifinals. If Bayern scored Barcelona seven goals, I do not want to imagine how many goals they would have been able to score Real Madrid. Even though everything was set so that Real Madrid to win the tenth champions, it has not been possible. They are so useless that even with UEFA’s aid, are not able to reach the final. I am really glad of Real Madrid’s elimination, pain of its supporters, the failure of both Mourinho and Florentino, and one season more football has been fair.     

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