jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013


I am going to talk about three coaches who were protagonist this week for several reasons.

The first one is Antonio Conte. He turned Juventus into the Calcio’s champion last weekend by winning Atalanta (0-1) with a Arturo Vidal’s goal. This is its second consecutive trophy and the 29th in Juventus’ history. After some hard years in the second division, “juve” is again among the top European teams. In this champions league season, they were knocked out by Bayern, which is nowdays the stronger team in Europe. Now they are planning the team for the next season. For the moment, they already have the Athletic de Bilbao’s striker Fernando Llorente. The next one could be Ibrahimovic or Higuain. What is clear is this team is again a team to take into account.

The second one is a winner. Ferguson retired after almost twenty seven years as a Manchester United’s coach. The reason seems to be health-related issues. Fergie was marked on December tenth of nineteen eighty five by watching how his friend Jock Stein died in the pitch because of a heart attack. Fergie has nowadays a pacemaker and will be operated of his hip the coming August. “Sir” has won thirty eight trophies, thirteen premier leagues and two champions league among them. He is a good example for all trainers and those managers who hire a new coach every season. Thank you for all Sir.

Finally, the third one is a loser. Mourinho will leave Real Madrid with only three trophies after three seasons. He has not set a style on this team. His football has been boring and violent. Once more, the Mourinho’s strategy was putting pressure over referees in order to be favoured. Last year he was succesful with such a strategy because it helped him win the league. This season do not. The current situation is that any Real Madrid’s player talk to him. They even wave him. All players are against him. Even the Portuguese people. Pepe publicly critizeced him this week for treating Casillas so unfairly. After the King’s cup there will be more statements. All Real Madrid’s players have come to an agreement of telling all the things that people must know about the special one. Meanwhile, he will continue to burn down the press room through statements like the ones that he made last week. The question Abramovich and Chelsea’s supporters should make themselves is: Is it worth hiring this coach?

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