jueves, 4 de julio de 2013


Nobody expected the Maracana’s script. The current world cup champion lost 3-0 against the host. Spanish players were unrecognizable. When Brazil won 1-0, Spain had the chance of drawing. However, Sergio Ramos failed a penalty. If he would have scored, maybe the match would have been different. Or maybe not.

Neymar did a great match scoring another nice goal and getting the best player trophy. It is a good job that Barcelona hired him before this competition because right now he would be much more expensive.

Vicente del Bosque said that from time time even the champions need a cure for humility. I am sure he is right. Spanish players needed a defeat like this. They needed a blow like the one they lived in Maracaná last Sunday. They must not forget that in football any team can beat you even though you are the best.

There are two matches left to get the qualification for the nest world cup. It would be a big failure to be out of the world cup. I am sure they will have learnt a valuable lesson and will not face these matches confidently.

Happy summer !!!


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