jueves, 13 de junio de 2013


The last June third, Neymar was introduced in Camp Nou as new player of Barcelona F.C. 56.000 supporters welcomed him at the stadium. Rosel had gone shopping and had picked what some people call “the next Messi”. 
The operation cost added up to 57 millions euros. His salary 7 million euros per season. Regarding his merchandising earnings, Barcelona will get very little. Most revenues will be for Neymar.

According to Pelé, Neymar is best than Messi. What a sacrilege!!! Brazilian people have sold this product as a big treasure. The media has magnified his game. Of course he has scored some nice goals, but he did in the Brazilian championship. With all respect, it is neither Premier League, nor Liga Española nor Calcio. He has not succeeded in the national team yet. In other words, he has done nothing yet. Barcelona has paid 57 millions for a unknown player. We do not know yet whether he is a star or not. Therefore, we cannot compare him with Messi yet. First, Neymar should gain his own respect on the pitch. Audience is very demanding in Camp Nou. They will be patient during the first season. After it, they will demand him the best performance in every match. If you do not believe this, ask Alexis about it.

I do not want to be any spoiltsport. I want to be straightforward. Therefore I have to say Neymar will be a failure. He is not as good player as people think. Maybe, he is not even a player for a big team like Barcelona or Real Madrid. I am sorry to say that Neymar will fail in Barcelona. The most worrying thing is environment. Neymar is a controversial player with a lot of personality. There will be arguments, especially between Neymar and Messi. The reason is clear, both are two cocks in the same farmyard. In the end, one of them will have to definitely leave the team. Who will be?

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