miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013


It is not only decided but it is also signed. Josep Mourinho will leave Real Madrid at the end of this season according to both Marca newspaper and Cadena Ser radio station.

He asked for cracking players and they were signed up. He asked for the full control of the club and he was given full powers. However, the one that a good day was considered “the best coach worldwide” , has won just a few trophies for Real Madrid. He has not been able to introduce a style and above all, he has not been able to make enjoy supporters through an attractive football. He got into trouble with press, supporters, and most of his own players. Perhaps this last point has been the straw that breaks the camel’s back. According to Marca newspaper, several players have told Florentino that if this man continues the following season, they will leave the team. Apparently, part of those players are major fooballers. Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Xabi Alonso? Even another one could be Cristiano Ronaldo who is thinking too much the chance of renewing. This bad-mannered, mean and obnosious Portuguese has tarnished Real Madrid’s image by doing things like poking his finger in a coach eye who is fighting cancer right now. In pitches either nationals or internationals where in the past Real Madrid was applauded, no it is booed. Not to mention the harm that he has done to “la roja”, which plays two crucial matches in the coming days. We must to admit the Mourinho’s departure is not only going to be positive for Real Madrid. It will be positive for the Spanish national team, the Spanish premier league, children, and Florentino Perez. The question is: where will he train next season? Inter de Milan, Manchester City, Chelsea, PSG, …? Where he will never train, neither next season nor any season, is in Barcelona. Why? Because in such an institution there is no space for riffraff like him.

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