jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013


World Cup qualification was at stake for Spain last Tuesday in Paris. They could not fail and they did not. “La roja” made a great match that once more did not fail in a major game. Referee forgot cards in the first half and French players took advantage of it to make five or six really dangerous tackles. In the second half, Pogba committed two very silly actions. Firstly, he hit with his knee Xabi Alonso’s face. A minute later, he tackled the other Xabi with a clear intention of injuring him. It seemed that he wanted to get self-expelled. It is a good thing this time referee did not give French players more presents. The main gift was refusing to indicated a very clear penalty committed by the French goalkeeper over Pedro. In any case, let us forget referee. Let us talk about the great work of Iniesta or the great couples formed by Xabi Alonso and Busquets in the midfield on the one hand, and Pique and Sergio Ramos in the back line on the other. Let us talk about Pedro who has already scored ten goals in this qualification stage and he once more scored yesterday the victory goal. And finally, let us talk about Valdes who perfectly replaced Casillas by saving several some very clear goal occasions. Now there are three matches left with national teams such as Finland, Byelorussia and Georgia. They must prevent unexpected events like the one lived with Finnish players last Saturday in Gijon. Lesson should be learnt.

Apart from this, all major national teams fulfilled the goal except England who drew in Montenegro and Argentina who also drew in Bolivia, in a match that once more Argentinean players felt the great effort that means to play from so many altitude meters. If you do not believe this, ask Messi about it. He ended up vomiting because of the high fatigue. In the coming week, champions league returns. Football schedule does not have a break so let us enjoy the show.           

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