jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013


Is time to talk about another coach. Barcelona won the Spanish premier league last Sunday in Vicente Calderon Stadium by beating Atletico de Madrid 1-2. Actually, they were champions on Saturday due to the Real Madrid’s draw in Cornellá Stadium. The main responsible for this trophy is Tito Vilanova. The Barcelona’s trainer has performed an outstanding job on this team during the whole championship, especially in the first half of the competition since they won 18 matches and just drew 1. It was at that time when they really won Spanish premier league, or at least, it was at that time when Mourinho considered it lost. Tito, the same as Abidal, is for many people a real example of overcoming. Two years ago, he faced cancer for the first time and he beat it. Last year he relapsed. He fought this terrible disease and beat it again. In his first season as a Barcelona’s coach and while fighting cancer he has been able to win the most important trophy in Spain. This thing is worthy of a lot of merit. Replacing Guardiola was not an easy job because Pep had set very high standars. In his first season Tito has won a Spanish league and reached semifinals in both King’s cup and UEFA Champions league. In other words, he has passed the exam with high score.

Chelsea won UEFA cup yesterday thanks to one Ivanovic’s goal in the 92 minute. Once more, the bad luck persisted after one Hungarian coach cursed Benfica thirty years ago by saying “this team will never win an European trophy without me” .    

And we will be able to watch the Real Madrid’s win tomorrow over Atletico de Madrid in the Spain King’s Cup. Maybe because another kind of curse was put on “los colchoneros” in the past, since they have not been able to beat “los merengones” in the last twenty years. Either way, we will watch this match because King’s cup always gives us a lot of spectacle. 

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