jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013


Bayern and Borussia offered a great spectacle last Saturday. Both teams attacked for the whole match turning goalkeepers into the main protagonists. Borussia began controlling the match in the first half. In the second, Bayern dominated the game. Bayern scored first thanks to Mandzukic. Five minutes later, Gundogan got the draw by scoring a penalty. Robben had never been sucessful in finals. This time was different. He scored the second and definite goal in the last minute of the extra time. Bayern has just got its fifth champions league eleven years later.

Bayern has been, without a doubt, the fair winner of this trophy. Bayern knocked out good teams such as Juventus or Barcelona very easily. Both Juventus and Barcelona were quite hammered. In Bundesliga, Bayern did the same thing with most of its rivals and they won mathematically some weeks before ending the championship. It has become clear that nowadays this is the most powerful team in Europe. They reached semifinals the last five years. They reached final last year too. Heinckes is a big responsible of this win. After the injustice lived last season on Alianz Arena, he got obsessed with winning champions league. He made himself such a promise and he kept it. Now he will leave Bayern in the best possible way, that is, by winning the three top trophies: Bundesliga, Champions League and German Cup.

Next season Josep Guardiola will improve many things and win many trophies too. Lewandowsky and Gotze will play in Bayern and there will be, for sure,  much more stars. Guardiola will make a factory of players in Munich like he did in Barcelona. This this team is already powerful. With Guardiola, Gotze and Lewandowsky, it will be much more.

Finally, I would like to stress German football. It was a German final, the first one in the history by the way. German football is in fashion again. Bundesliga is major championship again. German players appear on the market again. This thing is something good for European football because it will improve competitiveness. I hope to watch more finals like this. Thank you both for such spectacle and congratulations Bayern !!!

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