miércoles, 22 de mayo de 2013


Florentino Perez publicly announced the dismissal of Josep Mourinho last Monday after the meeting held among all the management committee members. After three seasons, Mourinho has only been able to get two trophies: one Spain King’s Cup and one Spanish premier league. Not much for someone considered as the best coach worldwide. As he arrived in Madrid, just three years ago, he asked to sign up the best players. Florentino spent a lot of money and obeyed all his requests. Mou asked full power in Real Madrid. One month later, Florentino sacked Valdano, who was working as a sporting manager. Florentino obeyed either of his orders as long as wining “the tenth” . Meanwhile, Real Madrid was humiliated in Nou Camp (5-0) and knocked out in champions league by Barcelona later on. Mourinho hit Tito Vilanova, looked down on Pellegrini, Preciado, Valdano, Toril and especially Guardiola. He argued with Casillas, Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso for getting along with Xabi Hernandez, Pujol, Busquets, Iniesta or Villa. He was about breaking the nice atmosphere of the national team.

This last year his relation with Casillas became unbearable. One day, in one of their arguments, Mourinho told him that he would never play in Real Madrid as long as he is the coach. In January, some major Real Madrid’s players asked Florentino to dismiss Mourinho because all the players did not stand him anymore. At that time, Florentino made the decision of sacking him on June even though he won champions league. The last two months have been very hard for players. Setting was cold and anybody liked to talk to him. Players did not even say hello in the hallways. They did not even obey his indications during the match. The last “Mourinhada” was to despise the king of Spain last Saturday. He did not go to receive the runner-up medal from him.

Thank god, we have got rid of him. He has been a real cancer for the Spanish football as many people have repeatedly stated. He has harmed Real Madrid’s image, the national team, referees work, and he has even been provocative with his own supporters. Mourinho has been the most smelly shit in the farmyard.

Anyway, thank heaven, he will never train any Spanish team in the future. We will have peace again. The loser finally is gone. “Blues” are waiting for him in Stamford Bridge because he has just been signed up. What Chelsea’s supporters do not know, is that he will fail again and cause a lot of trouble in Stamford Bridge. Spanish football has just been cured. The surgeon Florentino Perez removed the tumour this week. Now cancer is in English football. I sincerely wish the English football a quick recovery from this cruel kind of cancer. Good luck.

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