domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013


Purse was over on May seventeenth of two thousand thirteen. It lasted fifteen years. Many teenagers had never seen their team beating Real Madrid. The first time was the last Friday in a King’s cup final and at the rival’s house, Santiago Bernabeu stadium. Cristiano Ronaldo scored in the thirteenth minute by heading the ball and making foul over Godin. From then on, Mourinho made his usual mistake and moved the team backwards in order to defend the rest of the game. This thing gave “atleti” the ball, and since then, they controlled the whole match especially as far as fitness is concerned. Before the break, Falcao made a great move and assisted Diego Costa who scored a very nice goal. Miranda scored in the overtime the final goal. Posts and Courtais stopped Real Madrid from scoring the second goal and this thing, drove Real Madrid’s players to despair. Cristiano Ronaldo was expelled for kicking the Gabi’s face. By the way, amazing work of this player who did not stop running in the whole match. Mourinho also drove mad and was expelled by referee Clos Gomez for complaining. These both Portuguese men despised both King and rival and did not take the silver medal, so left the pitch as the match was over. Mean people do things like this, so it was expected.

The main responsible for this win has been Diego Simeone. He was signed up one and a half year ago when “los colchoneros” were about going down to the second division. He maintained the team on the first division and won the Europe league the next season. After that, he beat Chelsea in the European cup-winners’ cup and won the trophy. This season, Atleti qualified third in Spanish premier league, and won the Spain King’s Cup.  He is a great coach and a very good psychologist. He convinced players to believe in themselves and they did. As he said, in life you must fight, and if you do, you will hardly ever win. He was also addressing many people that in this country are living hard times such as unemployment, evictions or disease. So, it became clear that through fighting you can overcome any problem. Congratulations Atleti. Congratulations Cholo.    

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